Suns of Gallifrey

"Eddie : Are you sure you're not manic?
Campbell : I'm inspired, Eddie.
Eddie : What's the difference?
Campbell : 'Inspired' is when you think you can do ANYTHING. 'Manic' is when you know it."

("Takin' Over The Asylum")

'Ello you. :-) This has turned pretty much into a David Tennant and Doctor Who fan blog, with the odd random post.

No Billie Piper or Rose Tyler or any other character played by Miss Piper. I do not ship David with her. Nor do I ship any of her characters with any of his characters.
Ask me anything, comment, interact - I'm delighted to have your feedback.

Besides David Tennant, this blog will also include:

- Benedict Cumberbatch

- Sherlock (BBC Sherlock and the RDJ/Jude Law adaptation)

- The Beatles

- Star Trek (TOS and TNG)

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